Aura Session and Energy Healing

Aura Session and Energy Healing

Aura Imaging

  • Aura imaging displays chakras and aura balance
  • Checks your aura and chakras both before and after healing session
  • See the real-time session readings
  • Get a 14 page in depth analysis of your session

Healing session based on your aura reading can include many different methods of balancing out your Aura and Chakras for better spiritual, mental and physical health.

  • Chakra healing with crystals
  • Reiki energy work
  • Working with the 5 senses to explore and discover various sources to balance your Aura and spirit for better spiritual, physical, and mental health.
  • Coaching advice to help you self-heal at home as we travel together on your unique journey to a better you.

Transformative Energy Healing Sessions

Restore energy flow, promote well-being with gentle, non-invasive energy healing.



Standard Aura and Energy Session Introductory Price

Experience a full Aura session complete with bio feedback to learn not only what can affect your different energy levels, then experience an energy healing session.


Standard Aura and Energy session and one follow-up session

We save your sessions so you can come back for a followup and see your progress.